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Privacy Policy


Paceline Pilot Training collects students’ personal information for the following purposes:

  1. Compliance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations;

  2. Compliance with the policies and procedures of Transport Canada regarding personnel licensing;

  3. Conventional accounting practices and procedures;

  4. Compliance with the policies and procedures of the Canada Revenue Agency;

  5. In the case of flight training, information related to safety and security, including student identity, next-of-kin contact data, aircraft insurance and registration data, and student training performance data;

  6. In the case of ground training, information regarding student identity, and student training performance data.

  7. In the case of both ground and flight training, student pilot qualification documents that may include name, birthdate, address, telephone, email data, and medical qualification data contained in Medical Certificates issued by Transport Canada. 

It is prohibited for Paceline Pilot Training staff to release any private information related to students other than for the purposes stated above.   We do not disclose personal information to other private or public bodies or individuals except at your request or as required by law.

Procedure for maintaining Student Files


Student personal and other information is collected during all ground and flight training activity.  All required information regarding the student performance, progress, and acquired pilot qualification, is scanned and placed on electronic student files located on a secure computers and devices controlled by Paceline Pilot Training staff. Documents from which scans are made are shredded.

Access to the student files located on the secured computers and devices is restricted to Paceline Pilot Training staff.


As students progress through pilot training, copies of Paceline Pilot Training records are periodically forwarded to Transport Canada and Industry Canada representatives for the purposes of processing pilot qualification documents.


Personal and training information for all students remain in the secured filed system for periods of up to seven years, after which the information may be destroyed using a secure destruction method.


Personal Identification Documents

Copies of student personal identification documents are required for the processing of pilot qualification documents, are photocopied, certified, and physically stored separately in a secure safe controlled by Paceline Pilot Training. Copies of these documents are then periodically transferred to Transport Canada via surface mail.


At the end of the seven year period, the full student file may be destroyed using a secure destruction method.

Procedure for Student Access to Information

Active students wishing to access information in the student file should make this request with their Flight Instructor.  In all other instances, access requests must be made in writing to the supervising Flight Instructor.


Release of Information


The school will not release information to any person or organization other unless authorized in writing by the student unless required, or unless required to so by Canadian law, a subpoena, court order or if the release of information is necessary as part of an ongoing police investigation.


Persons authorized to access information on behalf of a student must provide written proof of this authorization.


Photographs and Promotions


Paceline Pilot Training uses photographic images of students, combined with names and dates, on the school’s website and social media to promote students achievements and success.


Storage of Personal Data in the United States


Paceline Pilot Training utilizes Google Drive and Docs, as well as OneDrive, as means of storing and analyzing student, staff and school performance and quality assurance, and Paceline Pilot Training utilizes social media such as Facebook and Twitter.  Since these practices imply the storage of personal data in the United States and other countries, restricted access to this information, in accordance with Canadian privacy laws, cannot be assured.


Student Consent


Student consent is provided for in the Registration Applications, advising student that by enrolling in programs, and by signing the Registration Applications, students are consenting to the above practices pertaining to your personal information, data, and images.  If students choose not to consent to these practices, they are advised to contact Paceline Pilot Training in writing so that alternate arrangements can be made.


Revision 20-1