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Student Flight Operations Notices

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Changes to the Departure and Arrival Procedures at Langley Airport
20-01 June 1, 2

The Jan 30th edition of the CFS contains some significant changes in the Langley section.  

In particular, the published arrival and departure routes for Langley have been changed and take effect on Jan 30th with the release of the new CFS (see below).

Langley Departure and Arrival Procedures


The new procedures direct OUTBOUND traffic destined for the Glen Valley practice area towards TRINITY, THUNDERBIRD, and POPPY. 

INBOUND traffic from the Glen Valley will be directed to enter the zone via ALBION, FORT LANGLEY, and 264th.  

The routes also contain ALTITUDE RESTRICTIONS requiring INBOUND traffic to be at 1500ft or above prior to contacting the tower, and OUTBOUND restricted to 1000ft until clear of the control zone or instructed by ATC.

Here are some examples of communication:

A standard clearance for a pilot departing runway 01 heading to the NE would be:

     "GABC, TOWER, THUNDERBIRD departure, Cleared take off runway 01"

On departure, the pilot would be expected to turn direct to the THUNDERBIRD reporting point within 1nm of the airport.  The pilot would be restricted to 1000ft or below until they have reached the edge of the control zone or the tower controller has canceled the restriction.  

A standard clearance for a pilot arriving from the Glen Valley practice area would be:

     "C172 GABC, TOWER, SQUACK IDENT, Altimitre 29.92, runway 01, cleared the 264th arrival"

GABC would be expected to be at 1500ft or higher during their initial call, but may begin a decent as soon as they have been cleared inbound if they choose.  Their route inbound should be direct to approximately 1nm East of the airport, where they would report joining right downwind for runway 01.  

Dave Parry 

Flight Instructor

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