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The Online Groundschool Programs provide students with the opportunity to learn at a distance and receive a formal grading and credit for their work.

The groundschool is administered by Moodle software and is therefore designed in accordance with the latest international standards to guide students systematically through the the reading and video references, the study questions, the sectional quizzes, and the final qualifying examination that make up each course.

To ensure the course work is right for you, anyone who is interested may access the course selected for 24 hours trial period without charge.  If the course is right for you, pay the appropriate tuition for a three-month class term.  During the class term you will receive ongoing access to the course material expertise at no additional charge.

Here are the steps required to access the online course material, either as a registered student or on a trial basis:

Step One

Complete the registration form linked here:

Step Two

Access the courses through the gateway below and click on the course you wish to access or preview.  Then click on "Create new account".  We will then enable access for either the 24-hour preview period, or the 3-month course term.  You will then shortly receive email notification of completed registration and you will be able to begin your course.  Guidance will appear there.

Step Three

When you have decide to register in the course, make the online tuition payment here:

If at any point you have difficulty or questions, contact us

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