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How to Maintain your Pilot Logbook


Your Pilot Log is the record of all flights made by a pilot.  Be sure that all entries are neat and accurate, and this is especially the case if you are planning to pursue a career as a professional pilot (your Pilot Log will be audited when you apply for your Commercial Pilot Licence and your Airline Transport Licence, and any errors or omission can hold up your application.  You will also have to submit your Pilot Log to your employer--including, for example, WestJet or Air Canada!

For each flight you must note the date, the aircraft type and identification, the Pilot-in-Command (your Instructor—until you pilot the aircraft by yourself as a student pilot), your status as “Student” if applicable (in which case you write “Self”), the airport of departure and landing, the flight time, the exercises flown, and any relevant details of your flight—that portion of the flight time that was cross-country, conducted during the day or night, or conducted under the hood (instrument flying).  

For the exercises, use the number code that appears in the Pilot Training Record.  

Be sure you go over with your Instructor your first couple of entries to check that you are making the entries correctly.  

Also, it is a good idea to have your Pilot Log certified by a Flight Instructor when you have completed your training course.

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