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Etiquette for Pilots


  • Do not start your engine before being assured your propeller is clear.

  • Do not start your engine with the aeroplane tail pointing toward an open hangar, open window, or closely parked aeroplanes.

  • Do not start your engine while people are standing in front of or behind your aeroplane.

  • Do not blast your engine while taxiing in close proximity to parked aeroplanes.

  • Do not conduct a long pre-flight run-up while in the vicinity of offices or occupied buildings.

  • Always obtain a briefing from FSS regarding weather and NOTAMs prior to departure.

  • Avoid filing a flight plan by radio right after takeoff if you could have done it by telephone before departure.

  • Always shut off your engine before loading or debarking passengers.

  • Always warn passengers to keep away from the propeller and not to touch it for any reason.

  • Always taxi at a speed whereby you can come to an immediate stop at any time.

  • In close quarters always taxi with someone at each wing tip for guidance.

  • Always turn off your landing light when holding short of the active runway for departure.

  • Always turn on your strobe or beacon lights when taxiing on an active runway or crossing an inactive runway.

  • Always leave the controls locked after parking an aeroplane.

  • Always tie down an aeroplane for overnight parking.

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