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Training during the Covid 19 Pandemic


Preparatory Ground Instruction

In advance of each training flight, a ground briefing is completed to review what will be learned in the planned training flight.  Referred to as Preparatory Ground Instruction (PGI), these sessions typically last between 20 and 45 minutes and are actually one-on-one classroom instruction.  For the remainder of the active Covid period, all PGIs will be conducted via Zoom, so you will simply require access to video internet communication.  You will be sent a link for the meeting and joining will be automatic. 

Zoom will be the primary medium of training for Flight Instructor Students during their initial Preparatory Ground Instruction phase, which will cover approximately first 15 hours of the ground requirements for the Flight Instructor Rating.

Revision 20-1


Preflight and Post-flight Debriefings

Preflight and post-flight debriefings will be conducted on the ramp near the aircraft (weather permitted) or in a sheltered outdoor areas near the aircraft.  The preflight briefing occurs just before engine start for a training flight, and reviews the what, where, and how concerning the proposed air exercises.  The post-flight debriefing is a review of flight just completed, and reviews the good elements, the areas for improvement (and how to improve them), and the planned activity for the next flight (and direction on student preparation.  These briefings typically last 10 to 20 minutes.

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Training Flights and Air Instruction

For non-private aircraft, all touch-points inside the cockpit (including flight, radio, and avionics controls), and outside on the aircraft (contact points for refueling, adding oil, and the inspection of airframe items such as control surfaces, hatches, doors, engine compartment and landing gear, etc.) will be sterilized using a isopropanol solution.  This will occur before and after flights.  The sterilization procedures will be established for each aircraft prior to the first training flight.

Inside the cockpit and outside the cockpit where social distance cannot be maintained, the crew (instructor and student) will where face masks and eye covering (sunglasses).  Gloves will also be worn.

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Crew Temperature Checks

Crew temperatures will be taken and recorded prior to commencing face-to-face training sessions.

Revision 20-2

Self-declaration Form

Prior to commencing a face-to-face training session, the Self-declaration Form—COVID-19 (below) shall be completed by both the Student and Instructor.  This form must be completed and emailed to the other party (student/instructor) prior to the scheduled meeting time.

Revision 20-1

Self-declaration Form

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